How to obtain a work permit in Turkey

Foreign investors who want to start a company in Turkey and have the plans to work in Turkey, must obtain a work permit. It is not necessary to come to Turkey in order to submit the documents for the work permit. People who live outside Turkey can go to the Turkish consulate in their country and apply for of a residence permit.

The employees in Turkey who have obtained a residence permit, valid for six months, may go directly to the Ministry of Labor in order to ask for the work permit.

Don't forget to collect papers like your work contract, copy of your passport, work visa application form. 

The website of the Ministry of Labor describes the application procedure.

The changes in the Law Related with Work Permits for Foreigners has been announced on 27 February 2003 and could also be found on our website.

Acts for foreigners in Turkey

The foreign citizens, who live and work in Turkey and which have a residence permit, can submit for the work permit at the Ministry of Labor. 

The employer in Turkey has to collect and submit the additional papers to the Ministry of Labor. In case of that the applying company has a foreign capital, do not to forgot to add the Trade Register regarding the partnership and capital structure.

A work permit is valid for a determined period of time, for example one year, or for indefinite period. Permits may be obtained for independent work or for company shareholders.

The Turkish company that hires foreign employees should pass a few conditions related to the minimum number of Turkish citizens employed and the salaries paid for foreign and Turkish personnel.

The procedures related to work permit last at least one month, but it can take two months until it is completed

The applicant will receive the conformation by phone or e-mail after the work permit is released. If the foreign applicant has a residence permit and he submits the documents directly to the Ministry of Labor for obtaining the work permit, the procedure lasts one month.