Power of Attorney in Turkey

Power of attorney in Turkey

Whenever you need to close a deal in Turkey, but you can’t go in person there, you can give the power of attorney to a person you trust and who can go there and represent you. The legal procedure for power of attorney is very simple and you can proceed it in your country of residence, at a public notary. In some countries the Turkish Representatives (Turkish Consulates) are also being able to proceed a power of attorney.

Powers created through your local notary, has to be according to the Turkish standard, please as assistance if you are not sure about the content. Besides that the power has to be marked with an apostille, according to the Hague Convention. The documents need to be translated in Turkey, in order to be used in Turkey.

The written authorization enables a person to act on behalf of you in a certain activity. This document may be useful when you want to open a company and you can’t go in Turkey in order to take care of the formalities. Our Turkish lawyers can handle the legal procedure.

General or limited authority

A foreign investor can offer general or limited authority to a person who will act on behalf of him, sign different documents, obtain acts necessary for business activity or follow different procedures in order to achieve a certain goal. If you need someone else to manage your business, you can choose a person you trust, with sufficient experience and who is available to travel abroad and then you should give him the power of attorney.

This type of document is very common in Turkey and it is a simple procedure to give the power of attorney to a person who will open a company on behalf of you and who will follow the procedure of incorporation. You can give the power of attorney to almost any person who is 18 years old or older to represent you in certain situation for which is not necessary a certain expertise. For legal situations, as the representation in a court of law, you can give the power of attorney only to a lawyer who is licensed to act on behalf of you in front of a court.


Exceptions for power of attorney

You can’t give the power of attorney to a person to represent you in any situation, for special issues the law forbids this kind of representation. If you need more details about these exceptions, please do not hesitate to contact us. When the document for power of attorney is to be signed, you must be in front of the public notary and you can’t let another person represent you.

Please don’t forget to check a lawyer for legal service. You should check if he is member of the local Lawyer’s Barr Association and if he can represent you in front of the court.